So I’m flipping through the latest edition of MORE magazine which mom got me a subscription to (yes, am one of those over 40 gals! ;)), and run across a column about great girlfriend getaways (in my opinion anytime you’re with your best gal pals it IS a getaway of sorts). In reading the article I come upon the most incredible find: Yes folks, you read it right–the BATHROOM diaries! And for my friend Jackson, no, it’s not THAT kind of a diary…sorry, babe. 😉

With categories like “The Golden Plunger: The world’s finest public toilets”, and my personal favorite title, “Travel Essays: True tales of tawdry toilets”, (insert music from some black and white, 40s PI flick) you are BOUND to find anything restroom-related that has ever crossed that potty mind of yours! And if you’re planning your next excursion, with the ultimate potty breaks along the way, check out the Bathroom Search area to find reviews on over 8,000 public bathrooms spanning over 100 countries (yes, I admit I did a search on bathrooms in my area). There’s even a Wireless area which assists you in adding a service to your cell phone to get the lowdown on the local loos when you and your bladder are on-the-go.

Since I know you’re just dying to know what my washroom looks like I’ll share it with you now.

Okay, ya got me. It’s not mine. (Big surprise, eh?) It’s actually a picture on The Bathroom Diaries site of the restroom they have deemed worthy of being “The World’s Best Bathroom” for 2003. You can check it out if Mother Nature calls while you’re in Branson, Missouri, at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre. Talk about a powder room with pizzazz!

I opened this entry with mention of my mom, so it’s only fitting I end it with her. As you head into the outhouse, restroom, loo, can, or bathroom of your choice, may my mom’s words echo in your head as they always do in mine, “Put down paper and do NOT forget to wash your hands!”