Okay, so I already tried to pound some Two Shoes CD (The Cat Empire) into your noggins few days back, but figured I needed to mention them again since they, and Amy Winehouse, are two bands to look out for as rising stars in the United States, now that they’ve both released their big CDs stateside.

The Cat Empire released Two Shoes in their native Australia April 14, 2005, where it went platinum within three weeks! It wasn’t until February 2007 Velour Recordings released Two Shoes in the United States, with it debuting at #49 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart. Look for them to be doing a stateside tour starting this July, so hit iTunes or your local record store to prepare yourself with Two Shoes.

As for Amy Winehouse(received the Brits British Solo Female Artist Award, and Back to Black has gone triple-platinum in the UK), it’s been torture the last weeks since first being introduced to her music because it wasn’t available in the states. I had to pacify myself with the paltry offerings her MySpace page gave, but no longer since TODAY is the day that anyone who loves a great earthy, soulful voice with equal parts Nina Simone, Etta James, and any 60’s girl group you can think of (including the beehive hairdo!), all shaken to witty real-life lyrical perfection, can run out to their local record shop OR hit up iTunes as I did, for Back to Black. There are two versions available, the clean or the explicit lyric versions, on iTunes for $9.99. I did see that amazon.com and bn.com had the CD for under $9 each–quite the bargain!

Since I’ve already posted a couple of The Cat Empire‘s videos in my previous entry on them, I’ll treat you to three from Amy Winehouse. Enjoy!

From Back to Black, here’s the video for “Rehab”, the video/song that got me addicted to the gal, pun intended. 😉

Here’s the video for the second single from Back to Black, “You Know I’m No Good.”

And for all-around fun, here she is with Paul Weller doing “Heard it Through the Grapevine.”