My other post on the Menu Foods recall was getting quite lengthy, so I decided to just create new posts as pertinent information arises. Since no one is still sure exactly WHAT has caused the deaths of the 14 pets (confirmed deaths, but that number surely will rise as more owners make the connections between their pet’s death and the contaminated food) other than it is something possibly attached to the wheat gluten Menu Foods was using from a supplier who they now no longer use, there is still a lot of confusion out there. Some of the news station videos on the subject really haven’t been quite accurate or helpful, but I did find this one that seems to not only be a great video with some common sense information in it, but they also have a good list of links and information. Kudos to you MyFox Washington, D.C.! (Even if you ARE a Fox station đŸ˜‰) MyFox Washington DC Pet Food Recall Page and Video

UPDATE: Looks like the numbers are starting to add up close to home. 9 LA Cats, Dogs Suffer Kidney Failure After Eating Recalled Pet Food