Sooooo thrilled to get an email newsletter from my favorite small venue saying that one of my latest obsessions, The Cat Empire, will be playing there in a couple of months! Just when things are icky some good news comes along. Happy, happy, happy! Hmmm, think I need a little happy The Cat Empire music to go along with the happy mood…cue the videos. (Gee, did I mention this news makes me VERY happy? 😉)

Performing “Sly” on Letterman:

Here’s a link to their official YouTube page which has some fun, silly videos the band has made on the road. Enjoy! Oh, and have YOU gone out and bought their un-freaking-believable CD “Two Shoes” yet? What? No?! Sheesh, could you BE any lazier? (Said in my best Chandler voice) It’s on iTunes for a mere $9.99, and their 6 song EP “The Cat Empire”, with some other fun tunes, is only $3.99. And you don’t even have to get dressed to buy it and be listening right away. Now I’m not saying you’re sitting there at your computer naked, but…

Actually…um…are ya? Well then, “Hello, hello.” 😉

“Hello” video: