The comments on this blog of people who have suffered losses, in addition to a great job vetcetera did compiling a chart of which states are/aren’t being proactive on the Menu Foods pet food recall front, got me interested in trying to track down a list of who can be contacted in each state.

I did run across a few lists, but each seemed to have conflicting information. I ended up combining the information I found on three lists, along with checking on each state’s web site, and have listed what I came up with here on the Pet recall info/posts page. It was very time-consuming and frustrating, so I can only imagine how pet owners who have pets affected by the recall must feel having to play “let’s find the right info” online while they are under so much stress. If you find any misinformation or additional contact information, feel free to post a comment and I’ll update as much as possible.

I realize this is a very sad and frustrating time for so many of you who have experienced horrible losses in your personal lives, but if you could please find the time and energy to contact all these organizations (your personal veterinarian, your State Veterinarian,the FDA, and Pet Connection) it will definitely go a long way in not only holding Menu Foods accountable and having the true statistics come out in the press, but hopefully also help create a system to handle situations like this in a much more fluid and productive manner. Of course it goes without saying that we hope a situation like this will not occur again, but the reality is such that it probably will.