While I wholeheartedly support the WGA strike (see related videos in VodPod player to the left), I do have to selfishly admit that at least one good thing is coming out of it: A rerun of the night we were at the taping of The Cliks on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson! Mind you, if you’d read my previous entry about our fun with The Cliks back in August you’d already have seen the video clip of them on the show, but it’s still fun to see it in context even though it was taped out of sequence on show night. (How confusing was that sentence? ;)) Anyway, if you aren’t going to be up for the 12:35 AM airing of the show tonight (well, technically tomorrow! ;)), then set your VCR/TIVO or whatever you need to. Or you could just click here to watch it. Enjoy!