I’m in DIRE need of some happiness, so Will Ferrell to the rescue; well, Will in “Elf”. Have to say when I first saw Elf in the theater I was a bit disappointed, but that darn movie has totally grown on me. I’m not really sure why I didn’t dig it from the get-go, but quite often when something is so hyped up like that it’s bound to be a bit of a letdown. The clip I’m including below from Elf is when Buddy Elf discovers New York–hilarious! I’ve added other Elf clips in the VodPod to the left, and here is a nearly 8 minute video of Buddy Elf heading off to find his father in New York.

Another favorite holiday flick of mine, albeit more for Thanksgiving, is “Home for the Holidays“, with an OUTSTANDING cast (Holly Hunter, Robert Downey, Jr., Charles Durning, Anne Bancroft, Claire Danes, and more!) and tons of humor I think we can all relate to–at least in MY fairly dysfunctional family. 😉

In a short bit I’ll be off to see Big Head Todd and the Monsters at one of my new favorite venues, Anthology in San Diego, since the most awesome of radio stations (not that I listen that much anymore) KPRI is having a private listener gig there with BHTM. I saw Ozomatli there in August at another KPRI event and it was great, so I’m really looking forward to tonight being the same.

Another “happy moment” came today when my Chargers slugged it out with the Titans and pulled out a win in overtime. Quite a down-and-dirty win, but a win is a win, baby!

So despite life being on the incredibly sucky side for me the past few weeks, I guess there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for, yes? 🙂 Enjoy the videos below and in the VodPod, and have a great week!

Buddy discovers New York

“Home for the Holidays” trailer

“It’s Alright”-Big Head Todd and the Monsters
(My fave BHTM song. :))

“Boom Boom”-Big Head Todd and the Monsters
(Sooooo hope they play this shake-your-ass song tonight!)