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I don’t really have a lot of time for blogging right now, what with still “sort of” living between two counties and working full-time (add to that the car breaking down continuously, my poochie’s diabetes giving us grief with not wanting to regulate, and my computer still not being hooked up and functional), BUT I did want to spread a little love today and wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Can’t believe I almost forgot that today, February 6th, would have been Bob Marley’s 63rd birthday (my math might be a tad off).  What an incredible legacy of music and positive energy this amazingly talented man left us all in his very short life.  Thank you, Bob! 🙂

Here’s not only my favorite Bob Marley song (and there are SO MANY to choose from), but also my fave song PERIOD.  This song, Three Little Birds, can absolutely change my mood the minute the first notes hit my ears.  Love, love, LOVE it!

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