Seriously, folks?  THIS is who you want engaging in discussions on national security issues (even remotely), let alone living in OUR White House?  Someone whose response to Palin’s lack of national security experience is that we all remember that Alaska is the closest part of “our” continent to Russia. (I think Canada and Central and South America might want to lay claim to the continent, too, Cindy!)  Say what?  Closeness to Russia constitutes experience?!  Well since I’m part Russian/German/Finnish/Polish I guess her warped logic really gives me an in, with an appointment  to Secretary of State in my future under a McCain presidency?  ARGH!

When (if) you vote for John McCain, you get the baggage that is his wife, sort of like marrying into your spouse’s family.  Of course worse than having Cindy and all of her issues (and yes, everyone is entitled to second chances, but hasn’t she had more than her fair share?), is the thought of Palin and any of a number of her issues (list is too long for this blog entry, and would detract from Ms Cindy’s video ;)) being second-in-command should health issue-ridden John McCain meet some untimely demise.  I honestly just shake my head in disbelief and disgust that the country I love could possibly repeat the mistakes of the past two elections by sticking their collective heads in the sand (or more appropriately up an area of their anatomy!) and voting in another horrible Republican ticket.  PLEASE enlighten yourselves, folks!