MySpace Democrats just posted a bulletin with a great video from an organization I was previously unfamiliar with,, but one of which I’m now a fan.  This video does a fantastic job of pointing out the important history of community organizing Sarah Failin’ Palin and other GOP folks disgustingly mocked at their liars convention last week.  THANKFULLY someone is out there responding to the BS the repugs, I mean repubs, are dishing out; BS which, sadly, folks with no interest in discovering the truth are lapping up. needs help getting this ad on TV, so if you can muster up some dinero, please help them out.  Just click on this link to find out more.

Here’s another video from, created by by John K. Addis, an independent filmmaker who goes by the name of cartwrightdale.  (I’m not sure if he also created the first video I posted.)  We’ve all heard how John McCain has voted with the disaster commonly referred to as George W. Bush, over 90% of the time, but did you realize that in 2008 McCain voted with Bush 100% of the time?  Mind you, I don’t have the exact amount of votes possible at the ready, but darn if that “100%” doesn’t give me a jolt.  Just wish that jolt could be magnified a million times over and inflicted upon the millions of folks who are still thinking (miraculously and frighteningly!) of voting the McSame/Failin’ ticket…sigh.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say: Let’s kick some Carolina Panthers fanny today, San Diego Chargers!  Let the season begin…