DemRapidResponse posting this morning brought me this.  Thank goodness they find all the good stuff because I just don’t have the time to.  Pass it along, please!

McCain Lies About Reformer Credentials

  • McCain on The View lies about reformer credentials, also claims that Sarah Palin didn’t ask for earmarks as Governor. In fact she took almost $500 million dollars as earmarks Governor.

 McCain: Divorced From people’s Day To Day Challenges

  • McCain admits that he’s out of touch with the day to day challenges of most Americans.


McCain is Prepared- Unlike a Mayor or a Governor

  • MCCAIN:I am prepared. I am prepared. I need no on-the-job training.  I wasn’t a mayor for a short period of time. I wasn’t a governor for a short period of time. For 20-some years, including leading the largest squadron in the United States Navy, I led. I didn’t manage for profit, I led for patriotism. [Fox News, GOP Debate, 10/21/07]