I’ve never been a patient one, so of course I just couldn’t wait another three hours for Saturday Night Live to air here on the west coast and had to scour the internet for snippets of tonight’s show with rumored guest, Sarah (cough, gag, puke)Palin.  Huffington Post had the entire opening skit and the “Alaska Rap” on Weekend Update.

So I’m not really sure if it’s just that I despise far too much of what Sarah Palin represents, or if her parts in the skits truly WERE snoozeville, but man they bored me to tears.  The best part of the opening skit was Tina Fey (no surprise there),and the best part of Weekend Update was the line in the song “I can see Russia from my porch, and such” being rapped by the very pregnant Amy Poehler.  As Amy and crew rapped, Palin, um, uh, danced (?) in her seat at the desk.  (Did I mention boring?)  It might have been my internet connection, but the quality of the video on the Huffington Post was jittery and stop-and-go, so I must admit I wasn’t viewing either skit under the best of circumstances.  Perhaps when I watch it when it airs (yes, I’ll actually watch it…sigh) it will be better.  Hey, I AM an optimist so I might as well hope for the best.  And yes, I’ll post the videos for you as soon as I see NBC does.  A gal’s gotta stay all legal, ya know.  Or should I say, you betcha. 😉 (You probably need to see the Weekend Update skit to get that.)

After all is said and done, I’m just happy that Palin wasn’t part of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinnerthe other night because that WAS actually funny, with Obama (kudos to Barack for his moving words regarding Tim Russert) and McCain trading some pretty hilarious and witty barbs.  (Although McCain’s not funny jabs at MSNBC, and especially Keith Olbermann, showed how crass and petty McCain can be when someone calls him out, time and time again.  Poor little sour grapes loser.)  At least the event gave McCain the opportunity to prepare for a possible gig as a stand-up comic after his loss to Obama on November 4th.  Then again, he IS way past due for Social Security, isn’t he? 😉

***Added 12:35 AM***

Thanks NBC for posting these videos even before the (boring) show finished airing out here in Cali.  The Weekend Update rap WAS better watching it on TV, but sadly the overall show was one of SNL’s worst, and that’s really too bad because Josh Brolin did a great job with what he was given.

Thankfully there WAS a bright spot in the painfully slow ninety minutes–Adele!  Oh my gosh, the minute that gal opened her mouth and uttered one syllable of their first song I was impressed and hooked!  What an incredible voice, what an incredible presence, and what an incredible find.  Felt like she was a bit of a modern day throw back to some of the great jazz and blues singers, with shades of Amy Winehouse along the way. That was the one and only payoff for staying up late. (Well, that and having the videos show up on VodPod!) Just wish the skits would hurry up and finish so I can hear her second song.  Sign me up as an instant Adele groupie and let me know when that powerful voice is headed to San Diego!

Here’s the opening skit:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And here’s the Weekend Update skit:

Vodpod videos no longer available.