Deb, over on her great Invisible Voices blog, has posted recently about Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary and their “Thanksgiving with the Turkeys” event, which I would LOVE to have been at. (Can you say ‘epitome of anti-Sarah Palin turkey slaughterhouse video event??) 

This will be a very quick post – it has been a long cold day, but an amazing one as well. Somewhere around 300 people came to Poplar Spring’s Thanksgiving With the Turkeys, despite a predicted high in the 30’s, and a bitter wind.

And the turkey’s had a hell of a time.

Deb’s pictures are always incredible and put you RIGHT in the middle of things, just as her writing does.  I’m totally lifting this picture above from the event (sorry, Deb…let me know if you’d like me to take it down :)) , but it truly is one of my favorite photos of all time and wanted to share it with more people.  PLEASE take a quick trip over to Invisible Voices to enjoy the many other heartwarming photos Deb took.

Thank you for sharing your passion with us, Deb, and for all you do for the animals.  Happy Thanksgiving to you, my vegan blogger friend, and even to all of you meat-eaters our there.  (I’ll give you all some time to come around to our vegetarian/vegan way of thinking and living. :))