Meant to post about this earlier, but I never seem to get over here as much as I should.  Bad me, bad me.

San Diego Pride created the Equality Torch Relay to help raise awareness of the equality cause by bringing together all areas of the San Diego region.  The relay will simultaneously take place in the north county and the inland area, and from the south bay to the east county, with all torch bearers converging this evening at the San Diego County Administration Building for a 6PM rally, which everyone is invited to attend.

San Diego Pride "Equality Torch Relay" stop in Oceanside, CA

San Diego Pride "Equality Torch Relay" stop in Oceanside, CA

@SanDiegoPride was tweeting about it this morning, and I was bummed to read one that said it had just left my neck of the woods.  Happily the coastal relay ended up being at Oceanside City Hall a bit later, so as soon as I  saw the tweet I threw on some clothes and a baseball cap, grabbed Rudy and my camera, and flew over to City Hall.  The relay (including torch bearers, flag carriers, and several cars) was coming down Coast Highway as I arrived, so I honked my horn in support as did many others (yippee!), then parked and caught up with the group as they rallied in front of City Hall.  I took some pictures for some of them with their cameras, then a couple with my own (yes, the date is incorrect…I’m not taking pictures in the future…at least not yet!), as well as this short little video clip which is a wee bit wobbly since I had Rudy tugging on his leash as I was trying to tape.

If you’re in San Diego County and missed the Equality Torch Relay in your neighborhood (or are in Orange County or LA and want to drive down), you can still take part tonight in front of the County Administration Building at 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, 92101.  The rally begins at 6PM, but if you arrive at 5PM you can help carry the 300 foot rainbow flag as it circles the building. Click here for more info.

Kudos to San Diego Pride for putting the incredible community-building event together, but especially to all the folks that got up bright and early this morning to carry the torches, drive alongside marchers, and to those who offered their support along the way via horns, thumbs up, or through verbal affirmations.  After all is said and done, until there are equal rights for ALL of us, how can any of us be satisfied?

***ADDED 6/7/09, from
Equality Torch Relay – 2009 Two thousand participants helped commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, during San Diego Pride’s Equality Torch Relay.  The LGBT community and our allies took the cause of equality to backyards in all 18 incorporated cities in San Diego County.

From sunrise to nearly sundown, we carried the message of equality to every city in San Diego County.  The need to raise awareness of homophobia and LGBT discrimination echoed through the community when one of the event organizers was attacked for carrying a Rainbow flag in Lemon Grove.

The Equality Torch set out to unite the San Diego Region and use the power of our neighborhoods standing arm-in-arm to inspire change.

The Relay inspired courage for many, and was the cause of reflection for those who haven’t considered how LGBT discrimination could affect someone they love.