My Canadian buddy, blogger extraordinaire, funny gal, mom to the adorable Wilbur, and ‘looks good all the time which really annoys’ gal, Joy, and her friend Janet, have created a  design eye candy blog *moggit , to tackle (in their own words) “fugly design and home decor”.  Their blog is in the running for a couple of SocialLuxe blog awards, in the categories of Funniest Blog and Guilty Pleasure Blog.  Mind you, I’m one of the last folks anyone would come to for design advice (trust me!), but the designs they post are always interesting, their comments are insightful and witty, and don’t tell anyone, but (shhhh) I’ve actually learned a thing or two!  Give *moggit a go for yourself, and most definitely hit up the SocialLuxe site to vote for them…thanks!

And since I’m in a great mood due to listening to 3 hours of Bob Marley on  “Brunch with Bob” on FM94.9 (KBZT in San Diego), figured I’d put you in a good mood by posting a photo of one of my favorite poochies (after my Rudy, of course!), Ms Joy’s very own Wilbur. Have a great Sunday, and go vote for *moggit!