It’s a blog I would post my thoughts on, right?  A place I’d come to vent, to be silly, to talk about music I was addicted to, to share movies to see or skip…yup, I remember it.  I do have a confession to make.  Twitter might have come between us.  Trust me folks, I NEVER thought that crazy “tweeting” thing would be something I’d do, but alas, my political being has been poked, prodded, enlightened and enraged via Twitter, and I’m afraid a lot of what I’d come over here to post ended up in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

SoCal sunset 9-10-09

But here I am, tail tucked between my legs (so to speak), head hanging low while creaking opening up that “new post” room door, shaking loose the cobwebs, and dusting off the mantel to put up a picture of one of the most GLORIOUS SoCal sunsets I’ve ever been witness to. (The brightest spot in the middle is the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean…yes, I’m VERY lucky!) Will also post a very brief video of the sunset, too.  Highly doubt many (if any ;)) have missed me being over here, but I feel like it’s that loyal friend you take for granted.  Promise not to take you for granted dear WordPress, and will hopefully force myself to get on over here and spend some quality time with you, reliving some good times,  venting about the political topics of the day, sharing some good tunes, and of course, of course, OF COURSE talking Chargers football! See ya.