I should be talking about the disgusting exhibition put forth this past weekend in DC by individuals I am ASHAMED to know are my fellow citizens, but I won’t.  I ought to be pointing out the blatant lies being spread about what’s in Obama’s health care plan (coverage for illegal aliens, death panels, etc.), but I won’t.  I am tempted to join in the talk of the utter lack of civility by the likes of Joe Wilson, Kanye West, and yes, even Serena Williams, but I won’t.

I will tell you how thrilled I am (it’s in the air, folks!) that in just a few minutes, my beloved San Diego Chargers will be taking to the field in Oakland, to hopefully beat the pants off of the Oakland Raiders and start the Chargers 50th anniversary season off  with a big win!  Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.  GO CHARGERS!!!!

Chargers 50th