It’s right around the corner, kiddos. Tomorrow begins twenty-one days of better health, tastier food, and surprising yourself with what you can create–I promise! The picture above is actually on your menu for tomorrow: Hoppin’ John Salad. Yup, I made it, uh-huh, you know it, and DARN if it wasn’t delicious! More on that after today’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart email (you can still sign up):

Tomorrow we spring into action! Let’s get ready to take control of our health and get empowered. Planning on eating out tonight or sometime soon?Look for a vegan-friendly restaurant in your area on our vegan restaurant guide.

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I love, love, LOVE the Hoppin’ John Salad! It was the first thing I made on the Kickstart diet in January and I have to admit I was TOTALLY impressed with myself: It tasted good!  Mind you, it’s not like I did anything other than follow directions, but the way all those ingredients worked together to create such a tasty item was incredible.  Okay, so maybe my expectations weren’t through the roof, so just about anything vegan would’ve tasted okay, but when I shared some with others and they liked it, I knew it wasn’t just me.  I actually preferred the salad the next day once the dressing had really settled into all the ingredients. I’ve got a batch of brown jasmine rice steaming right now, so will mix it all up tonight, then add the parsley tomorrow since I totally spaced on picking some up at the store yesterday.

Side benefit of making this salad, was realizing that making up a big batch of brown rice is a good idea, since leftover rice can be reheated for different meals over the next days. Also learned to have cans of beans (especially black beans and black-eyed peas…love ’em) on hand for the same purpose.  Planning ahead and using ALL I make (not letting anything go to waste!), whether individual ingredients or an entire meal, is one of the best habits I’ve picked up from the Kickstart.

Have a FABULOUS first day on your healthy new adventure, everyone!