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Possibly another “made in China” tainted dog treat: Smokehouse Chicken Breast Tenders Treats

Yesterday I received information (copied below) on quite possibly ANOTHER harmful product manufactured in China. When I tried to verify the information I found no solid news stories on the subject. That would normally keep me from posting something in this public venue, but as we’ve all seen over the past seven months of pet-related […]

Wal-Mart pulls chicken jerky dog treats produced in China

Here we go again: another pet food-related issue (this time treats) traced back to China. Seems this one is just breaking and has yet to be classified as an official recall, but as we’ve all learned over the past months with anything China-related “better safe than sorry” is the way to go, so if you […]

Fisher-Price Recall Notice (Lead Poisoning)/Links to info/China involved AGAIN!

Here we go again, folks! We are now facing ANOTHER Chinese-manufactured items recall due to a lead poisoning hazard, this time nearly one million Fisher-Price toys. Below is a copy of the recall notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This recall comes on the heels of the Thomas the Tank Engine recall, also […]

Thomas the Tank Engine Recall Due To Lead Paint (China again!)

As an aunt to two Thomas the Tank Engine-addicted nephews, I wanted to do my part to pass along information regarding the recent recall of 1.5 million Thomas the Tank Engine trains and accessory parts due to high levels of lead paint. The warning from officials is to TAKE THESE TOYS AWAY FROM CHILDREN IMMEDIATELY, […]

(5/29) Head of China’s Food and Drug Agency sentenced to death/Nutra Nuggets recall

Short on time but wanted post a link to a story about the head of China’s Food and Drug Agency being sentenced to death (there is a video included). I’m also including the press release regarding the recall of Nutra Nuggets 40# Lamb Meal and Rice formula dry dog food. China Tackles Food Safety […]

(5/10) US investigators in China on contaminated pet food case/Incorrectly labeled wheat flour the culprit/FDA-USDA release info/Science lesson/Menu Foods delays financial reports

Unfortunately the news doesn’t seem as if it will ever improve, and instead only becomes more concerning as tainted products are finding their way into the human food supply more often. Sad that so many beloved pets had to die in order for us all to have a huge “wake-up call” on the incredible inadequacy […]

(4/30)Melamine+China= Disgusting/Expanded pet food recalls

Totally disturbing. Totally disgusting. And who knows how long this has been going on. Read on–if you dare. Will China’s Practices Hurt Food Sales?: Melamine May Be Banned, But Rampant Pollution And Lack Of Inspections Could Deter Buyers-CBS Evening (Accompanying video) “Melamine is a cheap way to fake high protein levels in wheat gluten. […]

4/26 Pet food contamination news: More recalls/China bans melamine/hogs & human food chain/

Again, limited time, so just a quick roundup: Chenango Valley Pet Foods Issues “Chenango Valley Pet Foods has begun voluntarily recalling pet foods manufactured with a certain shipment of rice protein concentrate, the company said Thursday…Doctors Foster & Smith Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Adult Lite Dog Food…Doctors Foster & Smith Chicken & Brown […]

ChemNutra, Inc. (imported tainted wheat gluten from China)

ChemNutra, Inc. web site RECALLED PRODUCT: Melamine tainted wheat gluten imported from Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. Ltd., in China. PRESS RELEASES: Letter from the Chairman of ChemNutra Dear Pet Owners, Pet Food Businesses & all who love animals: We at ChemNutra want to express our support and condolences for pet owners whose cats […]

Wilbur-Ellis (imported tainted rice protein from China)

Wilbur-Ellis web site RECALLED PRODUCT: Melamine tainted rice protein PRESS RELEASES: As pet owners ourselves, the health and safety of pets is of the utmost concern to us.   As such, we have issued a voluntary recall of our rice protein product and continue to work closely with the FDA to investigate the matter. Following is […]

Pet food recall: Anderson Cooper 360° in China on wheat gluten story

Really quick programming note that I, unfortunately, JUST found out about. Flipped on the TV and discovered that Anderson Cooper 360° is going to report from China regarding the pet food recall. Just now airing here on the West Coast, but maybe those in other time zones can check it out on a replay or […]

Deja vu: Mars Petcare US announces 9-12-08 pet food recall of SEVERAL brands due to potential salmonella contamination (list included)

Say it ain’t so, folks–ANOTHER pet food recall?!?!  Hopefully this one is contained and resolved quickly, and nothing close to the hell far too many pet owners went through with the intial Menu Foods, China-related chaos 18 months ago, which blossomed into a full-blown disaster.  Appears to  be several pet foods involved (products and UPCs listed […]

Mattel announces THIRD recall due to lead: Barbie accessories/Bongo Band toys/Geo Trax Locomotive toys

Yesterday Mattel announced it’s THIRD recall in just over one month (8/2/07: Fisher-Price Recall Notice (Lead Poisoning)/Links to info/China involved AGAIN!, 8/14/07:Another Mattel recall: lead paint and powerful, loose magnets) due to “violation of lead paint standard”. The whole recall/China/lead scenario kind of makes you want to get back to having the kids play with […]

Pet food recall: Mars Petcare, Inc. recalls Krasdale AND Red Flannel dog food due to possible SALMONELLA contamination

Just got an email from the FDA (their website link is in my blog roll) and wanted to pass the news along ASAP. After the breaking news yesterday of Wal-Mart pulling chicken jerky dog treats produced in China, we are now getting this salmonella warning for Red Flannel dog food produced by Mars Petcare, Inc., […]

(8/14/07) Another Mattel recall: lead paint and powerful, loose magnets

Will 2007 forever be remembered as “The Year of the Recalls”, with overwhelming numbers of them traced back to China? First the never-ending melamine-tainted pet food scandal, then diethylene glycol-laced toothpaste and cough syrup, and for this month of August lead paint showing up in the worst place: children’s toys. It is the lead paint […]

MUST SEE: Videos of Michael Moore on CNN (Parts I & II with Wolf Blitzer AND Larry King Live with Dr. Gupta)/Pet food recall update

(***ADDED 7/12/07: Looks like Michael may WILL be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight on MSNBC at 8PM EST, with a replay 4 hours later.***) Have to say that anticipating a television show is not something I’ve done in a long time (okay, I was curious about The Sopranos finale ;)), but waiting for the […]

(5/28) And the pet food contamination saga continues…

Who would have thought this exasperating pet food contamination situation would STILL be dragging along TEN WEEKS later?! Here are some interesting articles covering: Menu Foods bullying of those filing claims against them, Seattle owners filing lawsuits, the response of web sites and blogs to the recall madness, the possibility of subpoenas being issued to […]

(5/18) Chenango Valley Pet Foods expands recall: possibility of cross-contamination (includes ferret food)

Chenango Valley Pet Foods previously recalled products containing melamine-tainted rice protein, but now they have added foods to their recall which do NOT contain rice protein due to the possibility of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process. This is the first time I’ve seen ferret food included in any of the recalls. Recall — Firm Press […]

(5/4) Combination of melamine & cyanuric acid may be key to deaths/Another pet food recall/Crisis far from over/Transcript of USDA & FDA update

Only time for a smattering of news and info right now. Have a good Friday night! Another pet food recall: SmartPak’s LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice formula (copied below) As Pet Food Recall Expands, ASPCA WArns Crisis Not Over: More Cases May Be “With Menu Foods yesterday greatly expanding its recall of pet […]

(4/28):Natural Balance expanding recall after American Nutrition, Inc. altering comes to light/FDA raids Menu Foods and ChemNutra

So yesterday we saw Blue Buffalo lambasting American Nutrition, Inc. for adding rice protein to products American Nutrition, Inc. (ANI) manufactured for Blue Buffalo WITHOUT the knowledge of Blue Buffalo. Today we are getting the FDA’s “firm” press release from Natural Balance echoing the same sentiments: “It should be noted that the products being recalled […]