Decided to be lazy and copy the first post I made on this blog since it pretty much explains why I have decided to join the world of blogging, then I added a bit more at the end. If you’d like, you can email me here.

A handful of my very good buds have humored me and joined me in creating a private blog where we can keep up with each other’s lives. Nothing like friends who humor you, eh? I’ve enjoyed the individual blogs they’ve begun so figured I’d do the same myself. Really have no clue where I’ll go with this blog, but being the Pisces gal that I am one thing is for sure–it will be ALL OVER THE PLACE!

I tend to write the way I speak, so don’t expect Little Miss Grammar, okay? I’m definitely opinionated but really do enjoy looking at things from various perspectives. Life is far too short to not step into the shoes of others and try a bit of empathy…if needed. Of course after trying to plop my feet into some of those shoes I’d just as soon slap some of the folks upside their collective heads. Yes, I’m open-minded, but also dreadfully frustrated with ignorant people such as racists, homophobes, sexists, elitists, and so on. I truly don’t get them but would like to assume there IS a good person hiding in there somewhere. Yes, somewhere. Deep inside. Well, REALLY deep down inside for some.

And as for the header picture on my former theme, yup…that was me circa 1963. Quite the hot little one-year-old, wouldn’t you say? Wait. On second thought, I don’t think I’d want you thinking any one-year-old is hot. quito-last-try.jpgHow about adorable? Yeah, that’s better. Was taken when we lived in Quito, Ecuador, and being the tow-headed kiddo that I was (now I have to pay $$$ for that! ;)) the look was enough to land those pictures in the window of a local photographer’s studio. Of course that was back in the day when you didn’t have to think twice about posting your child’s picture in public. How the times have changed. But that’s a bit of a rant for another day.

As for now I live in Southern California (hence the twist on the online name), but have lived in Washington (state), Hawaii, and parts of South America…wouldn’t change any of it.  Been around the block a few times, and am finally settling back into my desire to be a teacher. As the Beatles might sing, it HAS been a long and winding road, but hopefully it will lead me to the door of my own classroom. Poochies (click here to check them out), friends, family…muy importante! This past April 11th marked 16 years of being a vegetarian…woo-hoo! Can’t stand the current George W.  Bush administration and I don’t envy the next person to step into the role of having to repair our badly mangled reputation with the rest of the world. There’s always hope, though, right? (Okay, little did I know when writing that last sentence back in 2006 that there really WAS hope on the horizon…in the form of Barack Obama!  Thank goodness we can now get our country back on the right track.) And to bring it back to music (which IS a passion of mine), with all the things that can (and do) go wrong (especially GWB! Ugh!), I just pop on a little Bob Marley and sit back and realize that indeed “Every little thing, gonna be alright.” 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Would enjoy hearing from you, so hope you’ll take the time to either send me an email, or share your thoughts in the comment section of individual posts.

Seems the Bob Marley “Three Little Birds” video was pulled, so here’s a great rendition by Tracy Chapman.