Love me, love my dogs. (And deal with my anthropomorphism, folks!) Actually “dogs” should be singular, not plural. Had to put my darling Bailey down October 23rd, 2006. That blessed being was in my life for over 14 years, which is longer than most relationships I’ve had! Still miss her like crazy. The first picture is Miss Bailey about 3 or 4 years ago, the second was from Rudy’s 3rd birthday in June, 2003, and the third picture is from the last few months of Bailey’s life.


Thankfully I have my adorable goofball Rudy. That boy makes me laugh countless times throughout the day. When life is a bit less chaotic, and the housing situation is more stable, I will be hitting the closest animal shelter to give Rudy a playmate. In the first picture below you can see the devastation he wrought when I first adopted him. Poor guy had been in shelters for at least two months and suffered big time from separation anxiety when I adopted him. Yup, many items fell victim to Rudy’s restlessness, but who can stay upset for long with eyes like those in the last picture, just looking up at you?

Also have to include one of my Roderick, who passed in 2001. He’s “the nose” I use as my avatar. That nosy picture of him fits what his personality was perfectly—always into stuff having to know what was going on! What a crazy, memorable, lovable personality he had. I just know he and Bailey are having a fantastic time on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge…at least I like to imagine so. 🙂


I feel quite strongly about adopting pets from shelters and NOT buying them from pet stores, so have decided to add this banner to help stop puppy mills.

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