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I saw this on the Rachel Maddow Show the other night and LOVED the story!  With all the negative news we are pummeled with on a daily basis, it was an unexpected and nice break to hear about genuine good-heartedness taking place.  See, it IS still out there, folks!

Here’s the video on Rachel’s show, and a snippet of the ABC News story about it.

But the night of the big game, Madison’s co-captain –18-year-old senior Johntell Franklin — was missing. His mother, who was suffering from cancer, had taken a sudden turn that Saturday, Feb. 7. At the hospital, Franklin was by his mother’s side as she died…McNeal, the team’s top free-throw shooter, stepped to the foul line and purposely missed both shots…”I missed them because it was just the right thing to do at the time. And him losing his mom, it really got to me,” McNeal said, who lost his father when he was 2 years old.


(ADDED) But wait, there’s more… After posting the blog entry above, I was reading other stories on the ABC site and just about flipped my lid when I read this one.  Simply disgusting that the coach of Covenant School in Dallas allowed the score to reach such a ridiculous nature, especially considering it was against a school comprised of students with learning disabilities.  I’m not saying go extra easy on someone due to any form of disability in the sports arena (especially when they are putting themselves out there to be your equal on the playing field), but to push forth in the manner coach Micah Grimes did is disgraceful.  Kudos to the opposing team, Dallas Academy, for completing the entire game.  And shame on you, Micah Grimes, shame on you!  Enjoy your unemployment.


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