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I’ve always admired Keith Olbermann’s ability to put into words many of the thoughts I am unable to eloquently express. He has outdone himself with this video showcasing the outright lies, hypocrisy, immorality and lunacy of George W. Bush. (Here is the text for this video from 9/4/07).

While the entire video is incredible, it’s the last thirty seconds which especially touch upon the outrage I, and countless other Americans, feel toward this entire Iraq situation; Keith gives a voice to our concerns–our demands. It’s in this last half-minute of time that I can’t help but be reminded of a definite “must see” movie I didn’t think I’d like at all, but found myself loving, “V for Vendetta.” I can see legions of citizens fed up with GWB and his regime’s status quo, figuratively standing alongside Keith Olbermann during this video, as were the thousands of masked citizens in the final scenes of “V for Vendetta” fed up with the fascist “Norsefire” party. Could someone please hand me a Guy Hawkes Keith Olbermann mask, please?

Keith Olbermann Special Comment from 9/4/07


Considering all the hate and/or stupidity that we are surrounded with of late (Don Imus, Michael Richards, the disaster in Iraq, and so on…), I thought we might all be in need of a break, a little love, and some major oohing and ahhing. (And yes, I realize sea otters holding “hands” is mostly for safety, but it’s adorable nonetheless!) Enjoy!

–Okay, just because I’ve got that silly “Muskrat Love” song (made famous by Captain and Tennille) on my mind after posting the entry above a bit ago, I HAD to go in search of a “Muskrat Love” video. The one below was the best I could find. And for those of you who actually lived through the 70’s, you MUST check out this list. Talk about feeling old and crazy right now; I actually had 14 of those albums! 😉

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