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Just putting some “good luck vibes” out into the universe in the hope they work well for my 2nd favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks (I’m a Seattle-born gal) against the Green Bay Packers today, and for my FAVORITE TEAM, the San Diego Chargers (grew up in San Diego County) against the Colts tomorrow. Both of my teams have been deemed the underdogs by most of those who are supposedly “in the know” (cough-cough), but quite honestly being the underdog is a place I’d much rather be. Here’s hoping both teams surprise everyone (well, other than their fans who always have faith ;)) and rack up big wins this weekend.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFriday night I was lucky enough to catch the story of 86-year-old stick-to-her-guns Edith Macefield during a Steve Hartman segment on the CBS Evening news, and what a character (what we got to see/hear of her) she is! This gutsy lady has steadfastly refused to sell the tiny Ballard (neighborhood of Seattle) home she has lived in for over fifty years, despite a lucrative deal from area developers, and is now surrounded by intense construction which will ultimately result in her home being enveloped by five-story high office buildings. For those who have seen the movie Stuart Little, the small Little home, sandwiched between enormous buildings, is to me the fictional version of Edith and her real life abode. Talk about your David and Goliath!

I certainly hope that when I have lived as many years as Ms. Macefield has, I will have at least a fraction of the tenaciousness and gumption that she has exhibited. Perhaps it’s that independent spirit Pacific Northwesterners are known for, and something I hope is in my genes since I was born in Seattle. Regardless of what it is, or how one gets it, I think we all could use a healthy dose of the fortitude Edith Macefield possesses. Kudos to you, Ms. Macefield–you go girl!

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