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Mom is one of those folks that keeps saying she’s going to learn all about the internet, but has yet to even figure out how to get past clicking the on button…sigh. And it’s not like I haven’t tried to get her to learn. Oh well, she does peruse the blog when she’s visiting and since she’ll be here on Mother’s Day I thought I’d throw some well wishes out into the universe. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM, even though I know it’s that (gulp) birthday that has a special significance with the government. 😉 Here are a few classic videos of performers you’ve always enjoyed. As a matter of fact I think I’ve sent you and dad off to see each of them over the past few years. Hope the videos at least help make you feel a bit younger…memories, eh? Love ya, Mom!:)

“She’s A Lady”-Tom Jones (1973)

“The Last Waltz”=Engelbert Humperdinck (1967)

“Soul and Inspiration”=The Righteous Brothers (1966)

Yup, that’s what all the thoughts I’m having regarding what to blog about are doing in my head: just bouncing about in the empty space. Occasionally they bounce against other thoughts, but not too many, nor too often. Okay, that’s a big lie. I’ve been having TONS of ideas on what to blog about, will just have to summon some courage to do a few of them. (Ooh, did I capture your curiousity with that?)

It’s funny that when you start one of these blogs (or do anything in cyberland) you feel like it’s just you, your keyboard, and the monitor. Safe enough, right? I mean you know that it’s bound to be seen by someone (especially if you tell them about it! ;)), but you wonder who? Why will they read it? Will they come back? What are they thinking when they read it? What do they think when they’re done reading it? And most of all, do you REALLY want the answers to those questions? 😉 It’s really been interesting to check out the blog statistics option with WordPress and see that folks ARE reading this. I know the buds I’ve told about it have popped on over, a couple even leaving comments (thanks :)), but I wondered where on earth all those other readers were coming from?

Suddenly in that vast expanse between my ears it hit me! Duh (or doh! if you’re into the Simpsons)! It’s probably the ‘random blog’ feature in the upper right-hand corner of any WordPress blog. (Welcome to those of you who found me that way! I’d love to know where you’re from. :)) You know what I’m talking about, right? That wonderful option which allows you to fulfill the voyeuristic urge I think we all have. In case you didn’t know, there’s an arrow up there which you can click and suddenly be transported–ANYWHERE! It’s really fun and something you should try if you haven’t. Earlier I was in the UK looking at some really cool graffitti pictures which were the header for a gal who was blogging about her break-up. Then a couple of religion-themed blogs popped up. After that I was in India checking out a picture of a group of guys looking like they were having a good time, arms around the shoulders of each other, smiling brightly for the camera. Hit a blog which I saved as a favorite since it had some good computer information. Then I ran across a couple blogs in languages I couldn’t figure out. On yet another blog I felt like I had shared their Thanksgiving with them, due to the details and the photos. Yup, a nice little adventure around the globe with no passport needed and more importantly, no money needed! Definitely some fun time spent bouncing about in cyberland.

Before closing I just have to give a shout-out to the support folks here at WordPress. I emailed them with a problem I’m having (all my comments are being tagged by Akismet as spam, thereby bouncing them into the spam section and not in the areas I post them). Well darn if I didn’t get a response from someone named Mark within a few hours! Woo-hoo! Apparently others are having the same dilemma, and since misery loves company I’m feeling better knowing it’s not just me, but sure hope WordPress will be able to solve it soon. Mark said they’re working on it, which is MUCH more than I can say for the VERY slow support (if any support at all!) I received over at Blogger. So kudos to you, WordPress. Thanks for showing me that bouncing on over to WordPress was a smart move. (Feel free to insert a visual of me bouncing on over here on a Hippity-Hop! Aw heck, let me go find an image to fill the visual for you.)


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