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ALPO (3/30/07):See the list of affected ALPO Prime Cuts items product codes on the list below. Do not feed the product if it has:

– Four digit code dates of 7037 through 7053, followed by the plant code 1159

Above codes followed by “Best Before Feb. 2009” date.**

** Due to a product name change in early 2007, this voluntary recall also covers one item with the same date code labeled as ALPO® Prime Entrees in Gravy with Chicken, Rotini Pasta & Vegetables.

Mighty Dog

Purina’s 5.3-ounce Mighty Dog® pouch products, manufactured by Menu Foods, were previously withdrawn from the market as a precaution on March 16 as part of the Menu Foods recall. ONLY Mighty Dog pouch products and specific date codes of ALPO Prime Cuts canned dog food are being recalled.


A Message From The Employees of Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

April 18, 2007

Dear Valued Purina Consumer:

Nothing is more important to Nestlé Purina PetCare Company than the health and well-being of the pets whose nutrition has been entrusted to Purina products by their owners. The loss of a pet or a pet’s illness due to pet food contamination is absolutely unacceptable to us, and a tragedy for those involved.

We want to take this opportunity to provide you with some valuable information about the recent limited recall of two Purina products – ALPO® brand Prime Cuts wet dog food and Mighty Dog® brand pouch-packaged dog food – and the possible confusion surrounding wheat gluten as a safe and good ingredient used in pet foods.

Nestlé Purina associates, most of whom are pet owners, feed Purina products. All of us are working diligently and with a total commitment to address and resolve this situation; to respond to concerns of consumers, customers and veterinarians; and to take the necessary actions to protect the health and well-being of the millions of dogs and cats who eat Purina foods.

We want you to know that wheat gluten, in and of itself, is not the reason for the recent recall of ALPO Prime Cuts canned and Mighty Dog pouch products. According to the FDA, the recall was due to a contaminant, subsequently identified as melamine, which was found in specific lots of wheat gluten.

Wheat gluten is a rich natural protein extracted from wheat or wheat flour. Purina has been using wheat gluten in its products for nearly twenty years without incident. In fact, the same quality wheat gluten that is used in pet food products is also used in human foods. Because we believe you might be concerned or get asked about the role of this ingredient as a result of the recall, click here for a summary of the current facts surrounding this issue.

We also want you to know that our already rigorous evaluation and food safety program for our raw materials has been reviewed and enhanced to now detect melamine. Despite the fact that melamine is a completely foreign substance to food and should not be found in wheat gluten, we are now testing every lot of wheat gluten received for the presence of this contaminant. Further, we are implementing additional technology to further screen our pet food ingredients.

We encourage you to review “The Facts about Contamination and the Recent Pet Food Recall”, and share it with those you feel may be interested in the information, in order to provide clearer information surrounding the recall, wheat gluten and its important role in the production of our pet foods.

We pledge that Purina is doing everything possible to continue ensuring each ingredient that goes into our products is safe for pets. Please know that nothing is more important to us than protecting the health and wellbeing of the millions of dogs and cats who eat Purina pet foods. We continue to cooperate fully with the FDA during its ongoing investigation and rest assured, we will continue to take the appropriate actions necessary. This is a responsibility all Purina associates take very seriously.

We are confident that consumers can continue to place their trust in Purina products.

For more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.


The Employees of Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

Alpo® Brand Prime Cuts In Gravy Canned Dog Food Voluntary Nationwide

Please see our March 30 press release for more information and click here for an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have more questions or concerns, please contact our Office of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-218-5898.

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