3/17/07: Pet food RECALL! (***daily updates)

3/21/07:Menu Foods Recall: Good video

3/22/07:Pet Food Recall: Who provided Menu Foods wheat gluten?

3/23/07:Pet food recall: NY Dept. of Ag says “Aminopterin” (AKA rat poison) VIDEO LINKS

3/24/07:Pet food recall: Menu Foods updates recall web site (includes FAQ)

3/25/07: Pet food recall: Menu Foods recalling ALL wet food(recalled dog and cat food lists below)

3/25/07:Pig ear dog treats recalled: SALMONELLA contaminatio (NOT Menu Foods recall related)

3/26/07: Pet food recall: Menu Foods “clarifies”?

3/29/07: Pet food recall: Where to register complaints

3/30/07: Pet food recall: First rat poison, now melamine! How about trying to put FOOD in the food?

3/31/07: Pet food recall: Items added 3/30 & 3/31!

4/1/07: Pet food recall: FDA memo naming recalled food WHEAT GLUTEN SUPPLIER?! (Also includes a link I found on 4/2 to the FDA’s chart of their “Pet Food Contamination Process)

4/3/07: Pet food recall: Taking action AND Pet food recall: Companies named & tainted wheat gluten reported in human food manufacturing plant

4/4/07: Pet food recall: Anderson Cooper 360° in China on wheat gluten story

4/5/07: Pet food recall: MORE products added on 4/5 (Sunshine Mills produced)

4/6/07: Pet food recall: Senate hearing on FDA/Kudos to Sen. Durbin “The FDA’s response to this situation has been tragically slow…”

4/7/07:Pet food recall: Yet AGAIN, recall EXPANDS (links to updated lists)

4/10/07:Changing AP story on Pet Food Recall deaths AND “Go Orange for Animals” with the ASPCA today!

4/10/07:Pet food recall: Menu Foods issues THIRD recall list today (4/10)

4/11/07:Animal news round-up: HR 137 passes, Oversight hearing on 4/12, CFO sold shares…

4/12/07:Pet food recall: Oversight hearing on CSPAN & FDA warns some recalled food STILL on shelves

4/13/07:Pet food recall: Headlines around the globe

4/16/07:Pet food recall: Natural Balance pet food notice from FDA

4/17/07:Salmonella AGAIN: Twelve days AFTER FDA “warning” American Bullie dog chews finally recalled (NOT Menu Foods recall related)

4/17/07:Melamine the culprit (again) in Natural Balance’s expanded recall today (4/17)

4/18/07:Pet food recall: Menu Foods adds another item

4/18/07:Pet food recall: Melamine in rice protein/kudos to Natural Balance/Wilbur-Ellis the new ChemNutra?

4/18/07:Sen. Durbin and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro continue investigation

4/19/07:Pet food recall: Melamine in wheat gluten/Corn gluten/Rice protein–Causes Blue Buffalo Co. to pull item

4/19/07:Stanislaus hog farm quarantined after “salvaged” melamine-tainted food fed to hogs

9/13/08:Deja vu: Mars Petcare US announces 9-12-08 pet food recall of SEVERAL brands due to potential salmonella contamination (list included)